Turn order edits into thousands of dollars.

Let customers amend their order details immediately, self-service, and upsell product recommendations as it happens.

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USD $12,000 upsell revenue in the last 60-days and 4000 fewer support tickets.

Our customer service team could not be happier after significantly reducing our tickets and customers love it too. Moreover, Order Editing is helping us increase our cross-selling revenue with its cross-sell email functionality. A MUST app for e-commerce.

The Order-Editing app has been a game-changer for us. The founders offer personalized support and continuously improve the app. If you’re looking to streamline orders and reduce customer tickets, this app is worth checking out.

Such a clever app, for both customer and business. This solves SO MANY simple customer service tickets and allows unique upsell opportunities. It's really a no-brainer. App Support is far beyond expectations. Highly recommend.

Never receive a support ticket again.

From address changes to additional product purchases and forgotten discount codes. Customers self-service instead of contact you.

Increase every customers order value.

Offer post-purchase discounts and make it easy for customers to add more products to their order before it ships.

Shopify inline order editing screenshot without duplicating orders

One order number, integrated with your tech stack.

We update the original order number in Shopify and communicate edits downstream to your warehouse software, 3PL, shipping software, and ERP.

Everybody says it's a no-brainer.

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Meet the founder.

The upsell everyone is talking about.

Email customers after purchase and let them know there is space in their package for more items.

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A post-purchase upsell that converts.

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TWL post-purchase email


We built an integration that works with all 3PLs to stop them from pulling orders from Shopify immediately after checkout. This allows us to create an editing period for customers before their order is sent to be shipped.

You determine how long customers have to make edits and under what conditions. Most brands offer a 30 minute editing period, but this can be as long as you like.

If you offer one or multiple shippig SLAs, we cater to these so that you don't have to change any process. Orders placed within 15 minutes of your shipping cut off, won't be editable and will be sent to ship immediately after checkout.

Yes! You choose what types of amendments customers can make and for how long. Disabling features like self-serve cancellations, product removal, and discount code application takes just a click of a button.

We stop orders from being pulled immediately after checkout to give customers a short period to make amendments. After the editing period we disable editing and trigger orders to be pulled.