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Order Editing lets customers edit their own orders!

Order Editing is a self-service portal that allows Shopify stores to offer their customers the ability to edit their orders before they are shipped. The app is designed to provide customers with flexibility and convenience while also reducing the workload for customer support teams.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Offering customers the ability to self-service their orders increases customer satisfaction. By allowing customers to change their shipping address, select a different product variant, or add products to their order, they can get exactly what they want, immediately, without sending an email.

  2. Reduced Customer Support Costs: By offering customers the ability to edit their orders, stores can significantly reduce the number of customer support tickets they receive. Customers make changes to their orders themselves, rather than having to contact the store's customer support team.

  3. Improved Order Accuracy: Allowing customers to edit their orders also helps improve order accuracy. By giving customers the ability to make changes to their orders before they are shipped, stores can ensure that the customer receives exactly what they want, reducing returns and exchanges.

  4. Generate New Revenue: The Order Editing app offers a unique upselling opportunity post-purchase. Customers have the ability to browse your store's products again, adding them to their order and paying in just one-click. Customer service agents can’t do this for you.

The most common customer service request is to edit an order. Retailers employ agents to solve these issues which is expensive and involves email back and forth. In a perfect world, customers could self-service their issues immediately, at any time.

Order editing is a self-service customer portal for customers to edit their orders. Our partners save money on customer service, deliver a better, quicker customer experience and generate new revenue from upsells.

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Self-service customer order edits.

Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

One-click payments for customers adding new products.