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Preorder Order Editing

Create simple Shopify Flows to allow order editing or disable it.

Shopify Flow

You can integrate OrderEditing into your existing Shopify flow (or create a new one) by using two simple triggers provided by OrderEditing's app for free: enable order editing, or disable order editing.


How it works

Order Editing will notify Shopify Flow each time an order edit is saved, including unpaid changes. You can use this trigger to create a custom set of events. You could set a wait time of five minutes to give customers a short buffer to pay for their order before checking the status of their order. If after five minutes the order in unpaid we can automatically send customers another invoice reminder to pay for their order edits so their completed order can ship. Otherwise, we can release any pending fulfillment holds on the order.


Invoice reminders are sent by Shopify automatically when orders are closed, but you can send additional reminders through Shopify Flow.

Common Questions

Q: What if a customer hasn't paid for their order?

A: A small fraction of customers will add products to their order but never complete their payment. These orders will remain partially unpaid in your Shopify. It's recommended to pack orders from a list of orders that Shopify shows are fully paid. Customers can always return to the order editing portal to remove products from their order if they're unable to pay an invoice.

Q: Are customers notified when their upsell purchase happens?

A: Yes, Shopify will send an updated order invoice to the customer after the order edit is paid for.

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Self-service customer order edits.

Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

One-click payments for customers adding new products.