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Preorder Order Editing

Create simple Shopify Flows to allow order editing or disable it.

Shopify Flow

You can integrate OrderEditing into your existing Shopify flow (or create a new one) by using two simple triggers provided by OrderEditing's app for free: enable order editing, or disable order editing.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are an optional feature provided by viaGlamour. You are not required to enable order cancellations for your customers if you do not want the feature. If it's enabled, customers can remove products from their order and create negative outstanding balances. When gift cards are enabled, these negative balances on an order are converted into gift cards for the customer. They can use the gift card on any future order. When the gift card features is disabled, customers are required to continue editing their order until their outstanding balance is zero or higher.


You will receive notifications to your storefront customer support email from Order Editing each time a new gift card required your approval for activation.

Notifications from Shopify Flow

If your store relies on multiple staff members or assistants, you can create a Shopify flow to send an internal email to one of your staff members with instructions to issue a gift card to your customers. Gift cards are recorded by Order Editing and a full list of gift cards that require manual approval will be available on the app's dashboard for any one of your staff members to view.

Automated Gift Cards

Order Editing never activates a gift card until it's manually approved by a staff member of your store. Your customers are prompted with a message that their gift card, if they select to downgrade their order, will only be activated a few days after the order edits are saved. This provides you and your staff plenty of time to review order downgrades and issue gift cards to customers.

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Self-service customer order edits.

Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

One-click payments for customers adding new products.