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Hypergrowth with MrBeast

How MrBeast's merchandise team, Revolt, self-serviced 3000+ monthly customer support tickets with Order Editing.


Hyper-growth in sales without increasing headcount

By partnering with Order Editing, the Shopify giant lost a third of its customer service demand and was forced to make two full-time customer service agents redundant.

By empowering customers to self-service the most common issues, we lost 30% of our 100,000+ annual customer support tickets. There was nothing we could do but reduce our team size and save cost.


Revolt is a global YouTuber merchandising studio shipping over 300,000 orders to customers each year. The company has operated storefronts for the likes of MrBeast, Valkyrae and TommyInnit. Founded in 2019, Revolt set out to revolutionise merchandising with higher-quality design, production and eCommerce experiences that disrupted the industry standard.

In just the second year of operation, the business had worked with the world’s biggest YouTubers and broke records, selling over 100,000 units of clothing in a matter of days. Since partnering with Order Editing, Revolt has:

  • Saved over 4000 hours of staffing costs.
  • Achieved 95% customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Self-serviced 30% of its customer support queries.
  • Solved 36,000 customer issues without a human touch.
  • Improved shipping economics with fewer misdeliveries.


Handling over 10,000 tickets every month required staffing a big support team and suffering the cost. The managers were frustrated with the number of repetitive issues that required the simplest edits on the Shopify ordeer page - it felt like a waste of time.

Their customer experience manager felt that there was no reason why a customer shouldn’t be able to view their order and self-service to make sure they receive the products they want, in the right size, to the correct address.

Manually processing 100% of these simple Order Editing requests was a never-ending task that was expensive, mind-numbing, and slow. Worse, there was no opportunity to upsell post-purchase and customers were forced to wait anxiously for an agent to solve their issue, in fear that it would ship before the problem could be solved.

I always felt that there must be a better way, it didn’t make sense that customers had to rely on us to make changes for them.


Once Revolt implemented Order Editing, the business immediately began driving customers toward the self-service platform on its order confirmation emails and through customer service channels. Tickets disappeared as customers solved their issue through the portal, never needing to contact an agent for help - saving money and improving customer experience.

Your agent time is not optimized if they spend a third of the day answering size and address change inquiries. Providing autonomy on 100% of simple, repetitive tickets is the best way to spend more time on the issues that matter to your business. Customers could solve their issues immediately, 24/7, without any staff interference.

Best of all, whenever customers solve problems, you don't have to pay a support agent to assist them.

According to data from HubSpot, 90% of customers expect an 'immediate' response when they have a customer service question. You must recognize the importance of resolving customer issues quickly.

Our customers don't care how they got their answers - they just want them now.

The customer service agents at Revolt loved the application, eliminating the simple, repetitive issues from the daily routine made work more enjoyable. A heap of admin was killed and they were proud to work for a business that utilises technology to make their lives easier.

Order Editing

Customer support doesn't always have to mean direct communication with support agents. For some issues, a retailer can achieve a better, more efficient, customer experience through self-servicing. Leverage a self-service portal that gives customers autonomy and reduces your ticketing volume and support team hours.

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Self-service customer order edits.

Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

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