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The Free Shipping Incentive Flow

Shipping fees are one of the top reasons for cart abandonment. Offering free shipping can significantly increase conversions. But what happens when a customer just misses the mark? With Shopify Flow, you can gently nudge these customers towards adding a little more to their cart, not only driving revenue but also enhancing their shopping experience.

Shopify Flow

This Flow automation focuses on customers who have placed orders but fell short of the minimum spend required for free shipping. It sends them an automated email, informing them of how close they were and encouraging them to add more to their order to avail the free shipping.


Why use Shopify Flow

Benefits of Using the Free Shipping Incentive Flow Template:

  1. Drive Revenue: By prompting customers to add more items, you increase the average order value.

  2. Transparency: By informing customers how close they were to qualifying for free shipping, you build trust and transparency.

  3. Improved Shopping Experience: By offering them another chance to edit their order, customers feel valued and catered to.

The Preorder Flow Template:

The idea behind the preorder flow template is to capitalize on customer excitement and anticipation. When a customer preorders a product, it indicates a high level of interest. This period, while they await their product, offers a prime opportunity to engage them further.

How It Works:


Once an order is placed, the Flow checks if the order value is below the free shipping threshold.


If the order qualifies, an automated email is sent to the customer. This email will detail how much more they need to spend to qualify for free shipping, providing product suggestions that they could add.


Order #1001

A few hours left to make changes

We're getting your order ready to be shipped. You have a few hours left to edit the order.

or visit the store

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]. You can make last-minute edits to your orderif you need to change an address or your selected product options.

Common Questions

Q: What if the customer still doesn't want to add more products?

A: The choice lies with the customer. The email acts as a gentle nudge, not a pushy sales tactic. Their initial order will still be processed as usual.

Q: Can I combine this Flow with other promotions?

A: Definitely! For instance, if you have an ongoing sale, you can highlight discounted products in the email, making the offer even more enticing.

Q: Is there a risk of customers getting annoyed?

A: Transparency is key. Ensure the tone of your email is helpful and not overly salesy. By framing it as a chance to maximize value (getting free shipping), you present it as a win-win for the customer.

The Free Shipping Incentive Flow capitalizes on a customer's desire for value. By presenting them with an opportunity to get more for their money, you're incentivizing an increase in order size while also ensuring customer satisfaction. It's a strategic way to boost revenue while fostering goodwill.

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