PeopleVox 統合

顧客がサポートに問い合わせることなく Shopify の注文を編集できるようにします。住所の変更、配送方法の変更、バリエーションの変更、自動キャンセルなどを許可します。これらの顧客の編集内容を PeopleVox アカウントに同期します。

PeopleVox 統合

Let customers edit their Shopify orders without contacting support: allow address changes, shipping method changes, changes to the variant, automated cancellations and much more. Sync these customer edits to your PeopleVox account.

Customers will be provided a specific amount of time that they can edit their order before it's synced with your PeopleVox account and locked for fulfillment. Ask the developers at OrderEditing to enable this feature on your account.


Learn how to setup this integration.