Order Editing partners with Shipster
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Order Editing partners with Shipster


Order Editing partners with Shipster

I am extremely proud to share that we are live with the UKs leading shipping software!

Shipster are the technology behind Lounge Underwear, AYBL, Oh Polly and every other brand on 2024s fastest growing list.

Now officially partnered and integrated with Order Editing.

A phenomenal first tech partner to have in the UK and another big vote of confidence.

Massive congratulations to the team for making this happen. Together, we will deliver post-purchase upsells that sync downstream and ship to the customer - in one package.


About Shipster

Shipster is a custom shipping integration platform developed by Oddsphere Ltd, now connecting over 100 eCommerce warehouses with over 50 leading couriers.

Shipster is best known for it’s unmatched level of customisation per client warehouse, for unique software integrations and shipping rules for: weight, destination, parcel type, parcel splitting vs bundling, temperature, dangerous goods and many more. The software also utilizes a unique plugin system which allows its developers to “inject” updates, new shipping rules or couriers to a client’s current setup without disruption to their working installation.

The team recently doubled in size over the pandemic, won the Digital City Integrators Award (2021), took Silver for best eCommerce Software at the UK eCommerce Awards (2021), earned investment from Fearless Adventures and moved into a large office off Albert Square, Manchester city centre.

Shipster works with the worlds leading brands

AYBL, Mehski, Lounge Underwear, Lucy & Yak, and In The Style, to name just a few.

Shipster is an integration and decision-making platform. It’s there to link various warehouse and e-commerce systems together, move data back and forth, and make decisions about how best to deal with the requests it receives.

It collects data about shipments from your platform (e.g. Peoplevox WMS), processes the data, feeds it through their rules engine, contacts the courier and books in the shipment, prints any relevant documents and then passes the tracking data back into Peoplevox (from here it will be passed back to your sales platform).


Order Editing and Shipster

Order Editing lets customers make changes to their orders without emailing support. The customer portal eliminates the most common support tickets and drives more sales by turning edits into a shopping experience. From address changes to forgotten discount codes, customers are empowered to solve every pre-shipment issue immediately.

Together, Shipster and Order Editing create a positive delivery experience for customers through smart automation and branding - which Shipster incorporates into your shipping documents.

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