Connect to the tools your team already uses

Order Editing integrates with your tech stack to make order management even easier. You can show Order Editing info inside of Gorgias, send editing events to your 3PL (like ShipBob), and even fully integrate into an ERP (like Netsuite).

Peoplevox (Descartes Systems Group)

By connecting Orer Editing and Peoplevox WMS, merchants can have both systems communicate and remain up-to-date automatically with zero manual effort.


With Gorgias and Order Editing working together, you can create a seamless support experience by linking customers to Order Editing straight from Gorgias for immediate resolutions.


By integrating Klaviyo with Order Editing, you can send Order Editing notifications and track upsell conversions. The opportunities to create a bespoke experience for each customer are endless.


The Order Editing for Patchworks integration allows any merchant that's using Patchworks to automatically send editing updates within your systems.

Oracle NetSuite

Order Editing for NetSuite automatically sends order information to NetSuite after the Order Editing cut off.


Order Editing and Utordo connect with your WMS to sync order updates from Shopify in real time.


Together, we deliver post-purchase upsells that sync downstream and ship to the customer - in one package.

Keira and Hamish have been super fast at implementing feedback and creating a tailored solution to meet our needs and particular WMS set-up. Highly recommend to brands of all sizes.

Nick Ward, Moodi

Hamish and Keira easily integrated with our 3PL and put our customer portal in all Shopify emails and like night and day we never received an order change request. WAY too easy!

Seb Passmore, Mindware

Our customer satisfaction is through the roof. Special thanks to Keira and Hamish for seamlessly integrating with our warehouse management software. Such a no-brainer!

Ed Holland, Grog Shop