We charge by Shopify Plan


Unlimited order edits included with every plan. Pay by the month or the year, and cancel at any time.

Basic Shopify plan

$0 monthly subscription.

+6% of upsell revenue (Make $100, we charge $6).

Advanced Shopify plan

$79 monthly subscription.

+0% of upsell revenue.

Shopify Plus

$399 monthly subscription.

+0% of upsell revenue.

How has no one thought of this amazing idea before! Hamish and Kiera went above and beyond helping us set everything up. In only 2 months they saved us 3900 tickets and made $12k in upsell revenue. ABSOLUTE NO-BRAINER.

We are loving this addition to our store. It has cut our Customer Service order editing by over 90% and being able to upsell through this email has been a huge win for us! The team are super helpful with setup and ongoing support. Highly recommend.

Order Editing has been game changing for our business! We went from dozens of tickets a week to only 1-2 per month. Hamish and team had been super responsive and helpful with implementation and support throughout! Highly recommend!