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Order Editing Links

Order Editing can be embedded into any Shopify theme or linked to customers directly using your unique url.

Linking customers to OrderEditing

    Alternative link for customers using Shopify themes.

    How it works

    All of your customers can edit their order through the Order Editing widget which can you can link customers to with your unique link that's either hosted on OrderEditing.com or as a subdomain of your existing domain. Any of your customers can edit their order if their order number matches the phone or email that was originally provided at checkout.

    For example, if your Order Editing link is orderediting.com/edits/your-username you can redirect customers to this unified url to verify ownership of their order and continue with making any pre-fulfillment order edits that they want to make.


    You can link customers to your Order Editing feature from anywhere. It's recommended that stores link to Order Editing from pages where customers often ask for help or contact support to let customers make order edits before creating an email ticket. Most stores will link Order Editing on the contact page, the order status page, and additionally append it to the outgoing order confirmation emails that customers receive immediately after purchase.

    The default Order Editing link will prompt your customer to enter their order number and either their email or phone number.

    You can prefill ths form with the customer's information (if you know it) to let customers edit their order faster. Append query paramters to your Order Editing url to enable this behavior. For example, if your customer's order has a name of #VIA1001 and the email saved at checkout was [email protected] then your new link for the Order Editing widget for that unique customer would be:

    https://orderediting.com/edits/[email protected]&name=via1001.

    Linking Customers

    You should link customers to your Order Editing page from pages where customers search for an order status.

    Order Status Page

    If you add Order Editing to your order status page, every single customer will automatically be redirected to their unique Order Editing link because their order status page will append their order information to the outgoing url automatically for you. Append this block of code to your Shopify's checkout scripts to show Order Editing to each customer after checkout.

    Linking customers to OrderEditing

      Adding to the footer

      1. Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the "Online Store" section of your dashboard.
      2. From there, select the "Navigation" option.
      3. Choose the menu you would like to edit, for example, the "Footer" menu.
      4. Click on the "Add menu item" button, and enter the name of the menu item, for example, "Edit Order."
      5. In the "Link" field, enter the URL where customers can edit their orders, for example, https://orderediting.com/edits/your-username.
      6. Click "Add" to save the new menu item.
      7. You can drag and drop the new menu item to adjust its position within the menu if necessary.
      8. Finally, click "Save menu" to save the changes.

      Now, the new menu item will appear in the footer of your store, and customers will be able to click on it to access the Order Editing page.

      Linking customers to OrderEditing

        Adding to order confirmation emails

        To add a link to the order confirmation email that Shopify sends to customers, you can follow these steps:

        1. Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the "Settings" section of your dashboard.

        2. From there, select the "Notifications" option.

        3. Find the "Order Confirmation" email template and click on "Edit".

        4. In the email template editor, scroll down to the section of the code that contains the "Order details" section. Add the following HTML code snippet underneath the order details section:

          <p><a href="https://orderediting.com/edits/your-username">Edit your order </a></p>

        5. Replace the URL with the actual URL of your Order Editing page.

        6. Save the changes to the email template by clicking on the "Save" button.

        7. Test the order confirmation email by placing a test order and verifying that the new link appears in the email.

        Congratulations! You have successfully added a link to the order confirmation email that Shopify sends to customers. Your customers can now click on the link to edit their orders directly from the confirmation email. Customers can make instant edits to their orders without having to reply to their order receipt asking for support.

        Once the customer has entered their information, they will be taken to a page where they can make changes to their order. This may include changing their shipping address, selecting a different product variant, or adding products to their order.

        After the customer has made their changes, they can review their updated order and confirm their changes. The Order Editing app will then update the original order in Shopify with the new information.

        It's important to note that the Order Editing app does not modify the original order confirmation email or order confirmation page in any way. Instead, it provides customers with a separate URL that they can use to edit their orders after they have made their purchase.

        The Order Editing app provides an immediate and convenient way for customers to make changes to their orders, which boosts customer satisfaction and reduces the workload and cost for customer support teams.

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        Self-service customer order edits.

        Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

        One-click payments for customers adding new products.