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Upselling Services with Shopify

Offer additional services that can be upsold post-purchase but pre-shipment.

Upsell a service addon to certain customers

With the increasingly competitive nature of e-commerce, retailers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and enhance the customer experience. One effective strategy is offering additional services that can be upsold post-purchase but pre-shipment. The example of viaGlamour cosmetics lab is perfect, where they offer priority formulation for those willing to pay a premium for expedited services.

Let's delve into other services that e-commerce stores could offer and how the OrderEditing feature in Shopify can facilitate such upselling.


Potential Services for Upselling

Benefits of Using the Free Shipping Incentive Flow Template:

  1. Personalization & Customization:

Example: A fashion brand could offer embroidery or engraving services to personalize items.

  1. Gift Wrapping & Special Packaging:

Example: Prior to significant holidays, offering gift-wrapping or special themed packaging can entice customers looking to send gifts.

  1. Extended Warranties or Protection Plans:

Example: Electronic retailers or stores selling high-ticket items can offer additional warranties or damage protection services.

  1. Subscription Box or Membership:

Example: A gourmet food store might offer a monthly curated box subscription or a membership that offers exclusive products or discounts.

  1. Virtual Consultations or Tutorials:

Example: A skincare brand can offer personalized virtual consultations for product recommendations or tutorials on how to use the products effectively.

  1. Assembly or Installation Services:

Example: For furniture or tech products, some customers might appreciate the convenience of professional assembly or installation.

  1. Express Content Delivery:

Example: For digital products, such as e-books, software, or online courses, offering a faster download speed or early access can be appealing.

How It Works:


Once an order is placed, Shopify Flow checks if the order value is above a certain value.


If the order qualifies, an automated email is sent to the customer with a personalized email including a custom message, subject line to upsell the customer on a certain product or service before their order ships. OrderEditing will send out the automated email on your behalf to the customer with a pre-populated link for them to edit the order.


Order #1001

A few hours left to make changes

We're getting your order ready to be shipped. You have a few hours left to edit the order.

or visit the store

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]. You can make last-minute edits to your orderif you need to change an address or your selected product options.

Common Questions

Q: What if the customer still doesn't want to add more products?

A: The choice lies with the customer. The email acts as a gentle nudge, not a pushy sales tactic. Their initial order will still be processed as usual.

Q: Can I combine this Flow with other promotions?

A: Definitely! For instance, if you have an ongoing sale, you can highlight discounted products in the email, making the offer even more enticing.

Q: Is there a risk of customers getting annoyed?

A: Transparency is key. Ensure the tone of your email is helpful and not overly salesy. By framing it as a chance to maximize value (getting free shipping), you present it as a win-win for the customer.

The Free Shipping Incentive Flow capitalizes on a customer's desire for value. By presenting them with an opportunity to get more for their money, you're incentivizing an increase in order size while also ensuring customer satisfaction. It's a strategic way to boost revenue while fostering goodwill.

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Self-service customer order edits.

Reduce the volume of inbound customer emails.

One-click payments for customers adding new products.